Club pricing available, email for quotes on multiple orders.

The original motorcycle mobile memorial that can be bought as a handlebar mounted urn or a universal mount urn to be used as it is for pocket or personal space or with the supplied 3M VHB precut 2 way tape providing a compact urn ready to engrave and carry a small amount of your loved ones or pets cremated remains. The ultimate tribute and remembrance.

I've had the opportunity to talk to the very talented Heather New and she will do hand engraving on the urns for very reasonable prices. Her work is unparalleled and is one of the most sought after hand engraving artists of metal in the motorcycle field.
She will work with the customer personally and create the artwork for your urn and upon agreement produce a one of a kind piece that you will cherish for life.
Please contact Heather directly for quotes and time, she is busy but well worth the short wait!
I can ship directly to her if need be upon purchase of an urn, let me know by e-mail if you want it shipped directly to her.
Check out her fantastic work or ask for a quote at her website http://www.newlineengraving.com/index.html Here is a photo of her amazing work!