Please talk to your engraving shop artist first BEFORE you add any remains to "The Original's" urns, they will let you know if they prefer to have it filled and sealed before they engrave it.

 Use a soft cloth or paper towel folded over, super glue (any brand quick set) and blue Loctite™ thread sealer (for securing the bracket clamp bolt against vibration and theft)

STEP 1: Take cap of urn and install the silicone seal on the outside of the lip of the cover

STEP 2: Place a soft cloth or paper towel on a hard flat surface, place cap upside down on it.

STEP 3: Using a small plastic spoon or similar transfer the cremated remains to the cap just to the level of the edge of the sides. You MUST fill the cap and not the body or the cap will not go on, cremated remains do not compress well!  DO NOT OVERFILL!  ( I'm using rock salt to demo)

STEP 4: I highly recommend sealing shut the urn when you put it together using a drop on either side of the cap with SUPER GLUE (not included) to make it tamper proof. Immediately after adding the glue drops, take main case of the urn and evenly press it down onto the cap with the cremated remains still flat on the table. Make sure you press it tightly together and hold it there briefly for the glue to set. Clean any excess glue with nail polish remover.


 STEP 5: Installing the urn and bracket on the handlebars. 1st thing is to figure out where you want to place the assembly, then orient the top bracket with the square notch and install it by slipping the hinge together with the bottom bracket and push the stainless hex bolt up through the bottom hole.  DO NOT add a drop of Loctite™ Blue thread locker yet, take urn and thread it to bolt and gently hand tighten and fit it so it looks the best to you while riding. (you may want to sit on the bike and bring it off the stand, test steering both ways to make sure there is no interference with any cables, hoses or wiring.

Now that you have found the optimum spot for the urn and bracket, mark the bar with masking tape or erasable felt marker so you can orient it if moves. Loosen urn but don't remove completely, this is where you take the clear plastic spacer and install it between the handlebar and the bracket, for 7/8" bars use the thick piece, for 1" bars use the thin spacer. Once inserted you can have a friend hold the bracket in place or use a wrap of tape to secure it while you remove the urn and put a DROP of Loctite™ Blue thread locker to the top of the threads that go into the urn. Reinstall urn and hand tighten to the spot you found ideal, making sure the hinge is flush on both sides.

Now take the 5MM hex wrench (included) and GENTLY tighten while gripping the urn with other hand, do not over-tighten, once the Loctite™ cures it wont loosen.

The bracket and urn should be secure enough not to turn on the handlebar and if you had it engraved that it is oriented correctly. You can loosen and re-tighten if it isn't properly situated.

The metal can be protected with your motorcycle wax. Both the aluminum and black colors of the urns are anodized, but for optimum protection wax them.

Congratulations, you have now created a very personal, lasting tribute to your loved one. If you want to show your tribute off send me a photo and I will put it on the TRIBUTE page.

For any other questions please feel free to e-mail me.